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Posted by Jermey: A week late, sorry about that. So, anyways. The Descent? Don't go see that. Really. Just don't... So a few weeks late, but I'm excited about Funimation licensing School Rumble. I love that show. Awesome. Now as soon as someone license Haruhi, Ouran, and Honey and Clover, I can be content for a while.

Speaking of Funi, they put up clips of Crayon Shin-chan which will be test-running on Adult swim soon. Check it out! (08/16/06)

Posted by Chris: Well, thought there hasn’t been anything posted in quite awhile, Please don’t consider any of us out for the count. Things have been hectic with 1 of the 3 of us moving during the last few weeks, but things should be back on schedule with this week.

By the way, this week ends the intro chapter in what will be a longer story (hopefully). So give us some feedback. Let us know someone’s eyes are on the page other than ours. It’s taken a lot of effort to get where we are today, and we love every minute of it.

Going to go watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 tonight! Yea, I know that I’m a late one, but I don’t care its still going to be so awesome I’ll pee my pants three times. I hope, my thoughts are sure to come later in the week. (07/11/06)

Posted by Jermey: A group of friends and I went to the 12:01 of X-men III last night since we're all geeks. I must say it was decent. I'm sure people are going to massively complain about some things they did. Oh well. Best casting choice of new characters? Kelsey Grammer as the Beast. "Oh my stars and garters!" Brilliant. This also makes me wonder if this is truly "The Last Stand" but who knows....

This weekend is also Anime Boston. How I wish I was there. I hope for some good announcements, like ADV getting off their ass and announcing Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid already... Have a funtastic holiday weekend! (05/26/06)

Posted by Chris: One magical Friday has revolved to us again, happy weekend. I’ve spent my week indulging in the stuff over at; I highly suggest looking at it. Which, by the way, where do people get all these crazy ideas that lead to market success? I need a crazy idea to make millions. If I could get these millions, I may or may not send balloons to owner of Disney, and you! A million balloons for a million dollars would be hefty balloonage.

Who wants to go see “See No Evil”? Not me, there’s something about mixing wrestlers and horror and then having a catch phrase of “This summer, evil gets raw” that rubs me the wrong way in about five thousand directions. Something tells me one of the teens is getting choke slammed to death… do ya smell what the WWE is cookin? Crap. Lots and lots of crap. (05/19/06)

Posted by Jermey: So I'm quite the anime fan if you must know. Call it borderline obsessive. I'm the one with the crapload of dvds while keeping up on what's new in Japan with those borderline evil fansubs. I'm also a fan of dubs as well as subs. I like about all genres of it. I'm pretty much your Jack-of-all-trades anime fan. Just getting all that out of the way now for future reference.

It seems Japan and the underground America fansubs watchers have been overtaken by a fever of what's being called "Haruhism" I took it upon myself to watch the show as well to see what the fuss is about. Wow. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is unlike any show I can describe. I can only say it's fantastic. In a nutshell, a strange insane girl obsessed with aliens, espers and such starts a club and forces people to join to hunt for these things. Unknown to her, she herself isn't a normal human. She has the ability to change reality with her will, something that causes lots of trouble and is kept in check by those around her for various reasons. It's great from the cast and the music down to the animation. I only have praise for Kyoto Animation for the constant wonderful work they put into their shows. I look forward to their Kanon remake later this year. Until then, I appear to fallen victim to this "Haruhism" myself..... ~Jermey (05/12/06)

Posted by Chris: The fact that it’s Friday fills me with joy. “An American Haunting” comes out this weekend. Though Sissy Spacek is joined together with Donald Sutherland for a rolling romp through the forest of horror, I have my doubts. Could the director who made such films as “Dungeons and Dragons” really do something worth watching? With a demon called “Old Kate” it’s bound to be a winner *cough* *gag*. Who even gave director Courtney Solomon the money to produce another film? I wag my finger in your general direction, After Dark Films. Hopefully I’m wrong about you though; never give up on a horror film until you see it choking the life out of the person next to you.

How about a nice family movie? Hoot? It seems as if I’ve already died and have gone to the bowels of hell. Have a great weekend though, I’m out. (05/05/06)

Posted by Jermey: Ok, We're slowly getting things up and going. I'd like to welcome you to Cellophane Pants. Please feel free to comment on our work so far as well as any suggestions. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to come back each week for more comics and such! ~Jermey (05/03/06)

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